Saturday, January 26, 2013

Blue Sky Dreaming Pt.2

I think that a good way to start this one off is with a little story.

Back in December of 2012 I had a little project with Christmas lights. Of course with any project there are fail, success, and "I wish I did this." moments.

I failed in that the system was complicated and cumbersome. This was an easy fix with more funds to buy extension cords and maybe some wireless transmitters (see XBee). The success? It worked! I also only got electrocuted once. :P

As for the innovative, great, and "I wish I did this." moment. There's no outlet on my porch and I had to leave my door cracked in the dead of winter. It was cold, Very cold.

This got me thinking, INDUCTIVE CHARGING! I emphasize the idea because it was a little bit of a eureka moment.

The Problem: No power outlet outside.
The Boundary: Glass window.
The Solution: Wireless Power Transmission

So the design would be really simple actually. Two coils opposite each other with magnetics to hold the two plates in the right position. The inside plate plugs into the wall the outside plate has a normal outlet. The part would be getting the voltage you need on the outside. This can be corrected for by stepping up the power on the inside.

It's easy and only might catch on fire.

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