Saturday, January 26, 2013

Blue Sky Dreaming

Since it's impossible for me to have a new project everyday, I've decided to start what I like to call "Blue Sky Dreaming".

This essentially is me rambling about cool ideas and thoughts that might get the mind ticking and possibilities flowing. However, Keep in mind that this is in all actually just being silly and throwing things out there into the cosmos. (Hence blue sky dreaming)

I haven't been able to sleep well the past.. Week. I've decided that while I'm laying in bed maybe I'll "dream" of cool physics principles and applications of understood phenomina. I am not a physicist, but who cares. Call me out on it.

Magnets, How do they work?!
Let's get some basics with our friend Wikipedia.

Ignore most of that and focus on the well know fact that magets can generate electric currents and electric currents can generate magnets. Exciting right?

I was thinking about applications obviously. What would happen if we put two electromagnets in a triad type arrangement with the axis of action pointed off plane and merged at a singular point above the system? Honestly I'm not sure, but stay with me.

Provided the magnet fields play nice and the polaraties remain in the same direction, could we use this triad arrangement to create "Legs" and float a permanant magnet? I've actually seen magnetic levatation using PID control and some crazy sillyness with a single halleffect sensor and ALOT of math to back it up.

As a practical engineer I'd like to set this up. Try it out. Throw caution to the wind!

(some math might be required, but how about we avoid it as much as possible)

Imagine if you will, that this is possible. Now imagine having several of these in a 3D arrangment. Then imagine controlling them with PWM signals. Did we just create a 3 DOF (or larger) Haptic controller??

Let's put that in our pocket and hold onto it for a while. Let it sit and collect dust while we think it through.

Expect some more blue sky dreaming in the future, I've got some ideas using inductive charging. Should be thought provoking if nothing else. I've also got a buddy that's trying to talk me into vacuum tubes. So there's that.

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