Saturday, January 26, 2013

Keyboard Phewy

Just got a new Keyboard mount for my tablet (The samsung 7.7).

Hopefully with that I can start making some more posts on a more regular basis. The future looks bright that's for certain.

On another note, Recently I have been involved in several projects of interest. The one being mentioned on this blog earlier has to do with hospital round optimization. This project might actually be in danger of being dropped.

This is only due to time constraints and the fact that I can't program more than a pretty picture in  Java. Yes, like it or not, a Mechanical Engineers forte is not programming Java.

That being said, I really do enjoy the IOIO project and overall idea of controling anything and everything with my android based device. The trouble is the overall complexity of programming it. I guess it's just "Easy for some, Hard for many".

Other popular projects include some Finite element analysis on a rover project I am working in a group with. Simple stuff, quick analysis of models they throw at me is all.

Hmmm.. Sparkfun products are hit or miss too. Ordered a power supply from them 1A and 5V. Not exactly a tall order right? Well, the darn thing broke and electricuted me when I tried to fix it. I'm done. I'm throwing it away.

Needless to say, I had to put together my own from spare parts (namely another powersupply and connector). Here's the kicker. It works better than the one I paid good money for!

Yeah, 120 Volts doesn't feel the best on your hand.

It's actually a funny story. I figured I could fix it, so I unplug and take it apart. From there, I adjust it and put it together minus a screw. Plug it in, still doesn't work. Try to unplug it, it comes apart and shocks the heck out of my hand/wrist/arms.

Moral of the story..... Actually I don't one...

Until Later, Here's a stick man getting shocked!

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