Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nature Hike and Photography.

"Come with me and a short trek into the local wilderness. It will be a journey of the most relaxing sorts, one where we can breathe and enjoy that which is around us. Come with me and we can seek the serenity of our locale forest."

I began my short stroll this evening as a way to clear my head of work and get some blood flowing. It started off stressful and hurried, as was my nature at the time, but ended with a calm and focused feeling that only such an experience could provide.
As I went about my way I recalled a recent advertisement I saw about photography using an Android phone. At first I dismissed the idea as rubbish and asked myself, "How can my phone produce anything remarkable?"

Much to my surprise I found myself snapping random photos of nature and my surroundings. This proved to be just the creative outlet I needed, something I could do and enjoy without much thought or effort. Honestly, between the walk and the few pictures I managed to snap I couldn't be more relaxed. 

Below are a few of my favorites from this evening.

The Walk Home and the Ivy Growth

A Beautiful Flower I Decided to Claim for my Loving Wife.
A Tree of Gigantic Stature that caught me by surprise.

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