Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Cloud.

So with the most recent addition to my "cloud" services, I've decided it's time to talk a little about this.

For those of you who are uninitiated into the world of "the cloud" I'll give a brief introduction. You see, this idea is nothing new really, email services can almost be considered a cloud service. But basically, it's akin to a virtual hard drive of sorts. It's a place for you to store, manage, backup, and share digital information.

While there are many services out now like Google Drive and Microsoft's SkyDrive, my favorite has been . This service is the first one I was introduced to and features a slew of features that the others don't seem to have as readily. For instance, not only is it managed on their servers, but it keeps a copy on my computer as well.

And of course it wouldn't be of any use if it didn't sync between the two automatically, which it does.

Anyways, these services are just a giant server bank somewhere managing your files as efficiently as possible. Giant computer clusters with ridiculous amounts of read only memory. Many companies are jumping on board too. For instance, the Sony PlayStation 3 has cloud saves and Microsoft Xbox 360 now is offering up their rendition.

Extremely useful stuffs!

By the way, my new service is . Gots a few friends in California that publish there.

just a shoutout..  slopycopy


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